Thursday, January 19, 2012

And so it begins!!!!!!!

It is official the HDCT will present:
Great Caesar's Ghost
by William D. Fisher

Our Cast & Crew
Director -- Kimberly Strong
Ast. Director -- Marsha Casey
Director's Aid --Kassidy Matson

The Characters:
Mrs. Penelope Maxwell -- Joy DeHaan
Mrs. Phoebe De Royster -- Marsha Casey

Johnson (Butler) -- Garreth Davis
Esther (Maid) -- Teri Drew
Hattie (Cook) -- Kimberly Strong

Helen Maxwell -- Kaitlyn Monchamp
Tommy Tucker -- Riley Gibson

Phineas Farthingale -- Steve Gibson
Aunt Polly Maxwell -- Sandy Cloud

Mahjah the Mystic -- Bill Ferguson

Deborah De Royster -- Jillian Sutherlin
Dick O'Donnell -- John Casey

Production Crew
Narrator -- Kassidy Matson
Music & Sound -- Lory Sutherlin
Set/Stage Crew -- Garrett Campbell & Adam Brown
Program & Flyer Designer - Heidi Sutherlin
Refreshments - Donna McCormack

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