Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring 2012 - Huge Success!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Our production of Great Caesar's Ghost by William D. Fisher was another huge success! 
Thanks to you our wonderful audience our attendance numbers surpassed all previous productions!  It was so wonderful to hear from so many of you that you look forward to every production, thank you so much for returning, and for those new faces I hope your first visit will not be your last!  None of this would be possible without your support and encouragement and we appreciate you all very much!
Of course the productions themselves would not be possible without our fabulous actors, here they are in all their glory!
Penelope - Joy DeHaan 
Johnson - Garreth Davis 
Dick - John Casey

Aunt Polly - Sandy Cloud

Phoebe - Marsha Casey

Deborah - Jillian Sutherlin

Tommy - Riley Gibson

Uncle Phineas - Steve Gibson

Helen - Kaitlyn Monchamp

Mahjah the Mystic - Bill Ferguson

MC & Director - Kimberly Strong

Narrator - Kassidy Matson
Esther - Terri Drew

Hattie - Kimberly Strong
A few of the wonderful comments we received about the play!

"YOU ROCKED that stage yesterday.  We giggled for HOURS afterward! 
HUGE kudos to you and the team from our family.  THANK YOU for giving us a great afternoon!  Even my COWBOY husband enjoyed the show… now that’s a HUGE kudos!"
"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the play on Saturday night!  What an amazing job you all did!  So wonderful, so incredible to have such talent in this area.  We look forward to the next performance!  Thank you for a fantastic evening!"
"Drove down 2 1/2 hrs to watch this play and it was awesome.. What a great cast of very talented people..If you get a chance go support this group.."
"Loved it!  Great job to the whole cast!"
"You guys were awesome!"
"This play was so great!  Glad we went to it!"
" I had a great time!  The actors were perfectly cast for their parts and played their roles wonderfully!"
"You guys were great, can't wait to see the next production!"
"So good and funny!  Very well done!"