Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's Play!

Casting Call!

Open Auditions - Culver City Hall

Tuesday August 26th & Wednesday August 27th, 6:30pm

Please arrive promptly at 6:30, quickly fill out the audition form, complete with any conflicts you may have from August 28th - November 2nd.

     Do you like to make people laugh? Do you enjoy working as a team?  The HDCT is troupe of actors of many ages and we are looking for those who have the time and willingness, to work hard, have a lot of fun, and want to learn a little about theatre along the way.
No prior experience needed!  
     There are many ways to participate: as actors on the stage, crew members behind the scenes, greeters, concession, costuming, set building, stage hands, and assistants.  If you would like an opportunity to work in any area of the production please attend the audition, fill out the audition form and let us know how you can help!

The HDCT is excited to announce our next production!

Larceny and Old Lace

by Van Vandagriff

Directed By Melissa Liebert
     Assistant Director Marsha Casey

The Cast of Characters:

HAROLD ..m.. (263 lines) good hearted but unsuspecting nephew of Millie & Gertie
CHARLIE ..m.. (69 lines) his wacky, swashbuckling uncle who thinks he's a pirate
GERTIE ..f.. (272 lines) his sweet but larcenous aunt; casinos are her bread & butter
MILLIE ..f.. (245 lines) his other just as sweet but just as larcenous aunt; also loves casinos
MORDRED ..m.. (89 lines) his sinister, black-hearted thieving cousin
LESTER ..m.. (48 lines) Mordred's sinister, black-hearted thieving but reluctant sidekick
OFFICER MCNEALY ..m/f.. (48 lines) friendly beat cop
OFFICER LARSON ..m/f.. (61 lines) new cop on the beat
AGENT KLICK ..m/f.. (52 lines) FBI agent hot on Mordred's trail
AGENT KLACK ..m/f.. (44 lines) Klick's fellow agent
GLORIA ..f.. (40 lines) Harold's unwitting fiancee'
DR. SHORTANOAR ..m/f.. (11 lines) proprietor of the local insane asylum
NURSE WIDGET ..m/f.. (11 lines) hard-nosed nurse who does Shortanoar's dirty work
JUDGE TAYLOR ..m/f.. (34 lines) takes care of the legal matters of commitment
TAXI DRIVER ..m/f.. (10 lines) doesn't mind waiting, but this is ridiculous
DR. PRETORIOUS ..m/f.. (6 lines) signs papers to prove that Charlie's crazy

Notes:    Rehearsals are tentatively set for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, starting Thursday August 28th with a complete read-through with the full cast.  Additional dates and extended times will be in effect starting 2 weeks prior to performances and will extend thru final performance on Sunday November 2nd.
     For a preview of the script visit: Pioneer Drama