Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Open Auditions!

A mystery is about to unfold and you can be a part of the fun!

The HDCT will be performing Death by Dessert by Nathan Hartswick, 
a Comedy in Two Acts.
Directed by Kimberly Strong

     Are you ready to be a star?  Do you like to make people laugh?  We are looking for those who have the time and willingness to work hard, have a lot of fun and hopefully learn a little about Theatre along the way.
     There are many ways to participate in a production, on stage, back stage, greeters, concession, props, assistants.  If you would like an opportunity to work in any area of the production please attend the audition.

Dates:    Tuesday & Wednesday
                Jan. 29th & 30th,  2013

Where:   Culver City Hall
Time:      6:30 pm  

Death by Dessert by Nathan Hartswick

     In New York's little Italy, the Donneducci family and the Duccedonni family have been feuding for a generation, while operating two competing Italian Restaurants that share a common wall.
     This offbeat comedic murder mystery will delight with it's fast pace story, and colorful characters.
     Will the murderer be ferreted out?  Will the feud ever be reconciled?  What are the hidden truths about what happened all those years ago?

Cast of Characters

(6M, 6W, 5 extras)

Don  (m 50+)  He is a joyful, fatherly man who lives for food.  With his thick Italian accent and pressed suit, he comes across like a mob boss.  (78 lines)
Nino  (m age neutral) The Chef, a New Yorker with a short temper, passionate about nothing in life so much as the art of cooking.  (52 lines)
Frankie & Louie  (m age neutral) Two idiot henchmen, they work usually badly for Don.  (F-22 lines, L-11 lines)
Busboy  (m 20ish)  A down-to-earth young Romeo.

Donna  (f  50+)  Doesn't take any lip and plays mother to everyone around her.  (63 lines)
Nina  (f  age neutral)  The Chef, a laid-back, sensitive artist who can get riled up when her cooking is insulted.  (51 lines)
Francie & Louise  (f  age neutral)  Two idiotic girls who act like mobster's girlfriends.  (both have 18 lines)
Busgirl (f  20ish)  A down-to-earth young Juliet.  (42 lines)

Nonno & Nonna  (m & F  older)  Pantomime characters who act out a flashback at the plays conclusion.  (non-speaking)