Monday, October 8, 2012

The Lady Pirates of 
Captain Bree
A musical comedy in Two Acts
Book by Martin A. Follose
Music & Lyrics by Bill Fancoeur
Stage Direction - Steve Gibson & Marsha Casey
Music Director - Sharon Gibson

Friday & Saturday - October 26th & 27th - 7pm
Friday & Saturday - November 2nd & 3rd - 7pm
Sunday - November 4th - 2pm

FREE - Tickets can be picked up at Culver City Hall or the Madras Chamber of Commerce during normal business hours.

You must obtain a ticket 
to attend any showing!

Gangway ye landlovers for 'The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree'.
Captain Bree, Captain Jennings, two captains one ship the Kayla May. 
Heave Ho! and welcome aboard to a swashbuckling musical comedy about a rowdy band of lady pirates who capture a British ship and hold the passengers captive.
This play is full of pirates brandishing swords and singing chanties that will have you humming  along all the way to the surprise ending!