Monday, July 18, 2011

In loving memory of - Dick Torrey

     The Guild is sad to relate that our friend and fellow actor Dick Torrey has passed away.  Dick was so happy to be a part of the Guild, and we were very happy to have him with us. 

Dick played the Sheriff in the first production in 2010 of
"Is there a doctor in the house?",

and this year he played Tito one of Primo's thugs in "Pistols & Posies".

 When the idea of a local Theater Guild started to take form Dick was very happy to help, and was a member of the board.

His enthusiasm and comedic style will be truly missed.
Richard L. Torrey
July 1934 - July 2011

Break a leg my friend, it was a real pleasure to work/play with you!
~ Kimberly

I only knew him through our theater experience, but I enjoyed his love of acting, and his love of people, I appreciated his gentle manner.  When I brought my granddaughter to one of our play rehearsal's he sang a sweet song to her.  Dick, you will be missed.
~ Teri

Oh my, I am weak with sorrow.  My condolences and prayers go out to his family.  Throughout the play, I always sensed that Dick was a truly fine person.
~ Gil

I'm truly sorry to hear about Dick, I really liked that man.  Let us have assurance though that He has returned to Summerland.  Goddess bless him and merry part.. Blessed Be...
~ Kevan