Sunday, October 2, 2011

The game is afoot! Shall we play?

Rehearsals have begun for the upcoming performance of  'Love thy Neighbor' by Gary Ray Stapp
  Our director Steve Gibson and all the actors are having a great time developing their characters, and creating hilarious scenes that are sure to delight the audience.  
And now, we need you!  Our vision for the HDCTGuild is to build a community that will join forces to bring each production to life.  After last years Spring production many community members came to me with a variation of this statement: "I'm not an actor, but this is a great thing your trying to do, how can I help?."
Here's how you can help, following is a list of the things and/or people still needed to bring this current production to life.  There are various opportunities, and the more help we get the easier it will be for all. 


PRODUCTION LEAD: (Will act as the lead coordinator of the production crew.  Will meet with the director and then work directly with the team to bring the play to life.)

  • SET/STRUCTURE & DESIGN TEAM - (Will modify, as needed the set structure, and help gather the large props. Ie. couch, table & chairs, desk.)
  • SOUND TECH - (Will set up, maintain and monitor the sound equipment during rehearsals and the production.  May also include Sound Effects)
  • LIGHTING TECH - (Will set up, maintain and manage the lighting during rehearsals and the production.)
  • STAGE CREW - (Will maintain the set, by changing necessary items between scenes during rehearsals and the production, and hand out playbills on production nights.)
  • REFRESHMENTS TEAM - (Will gather, coordinate, and serve refreshments at the productions)
  • PROPS/COORDINATOR - KIMBERLY (Will work directly with the actors, set designer, and production lead to gather all necessary props needed for the set and the scenes.)
  • COSTUMES - KIMBERLY (Will work directly with the actors to gather all costume needs according to the directors vision.)  
Please contact Kimberly at for further information or to volunteer.

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