Saturday, March 26, 2011

Standing room only!

What a fantastic opening night, the atmosphere was electric, the cast was brilliant, and as hoped the community came together and Laughed Out Loud!

As the master of ceremonies it was my great pleasure to thank the audience as they were leaving, the praise and appreciation was sensational.  These are just a few of the wonderful comments:

"Fantastic, you all really did a wonderful job!",... "Terrific, so funny thank you so much for doing this!",... "We really enjoyed it!",... "What a great production! Can't wait until the next one!",... "I wasn't going to come, there was something on TV I wanted to watch.  I'm so glad I changed my mind, this was terrific! Thank You!",... "You really should consider having two productions a year, there are a lot of us in the community that would support you!",... "Next year you may need to have more performances!",... "What great time we had, Thank You so much",... "Loved it! Really Loved it, good job!",... "We'll be back tomorrow night and we're bringing friends!"

The response to the formation of a Guild was also very well received, many of the fliers were taken and membership forms have already started to trickle in.

We'd once again like to thank the City of Culver for sponsoring this production, your support and commitment to the the community is much appreciated!

~Kimberly Strong
High Desert Community Theater - President 

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